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Agora Hintergrund

Business Development in Complex Foreign Markets

The Challenge

An international financial consultancy and auditing company seeks to improve its global market reach. The expansion strategy’s key focus lies on reforming public governance structures. This includes public administration efficiency, public servant training, public finance and anti-corruption efforts. The client requires a comprehensive market entry strategy including a concrete concept of how to gain access to high-level political and administrative representatives and to avoid political pitfalls.

The Agora Approach

Together with its global network of on-the-ground experts, Agora firstly defines key criteria for promising government clients. They shall advance an internal reform process, bear high economic potential and simultaneously lack administrative infrastructure efficiency. Secondly, Agora conducts a detailed stakeholder mapping containing potential advocates as well as antagonists and prioritizes key targets. Most promising candidates are potential new EU and NATO member states, which have to fulfill access conditions and require assistance in doing so. Thirdly, Agora develops a concrete engagement strategy to approach political and administrative key decision-makers, supported by Senior Advisors with diplomatic, military and governmental background. Furthermore, Agora supports the client during the negotiation stage and provides political and diplomatic knowhow on country specifics and internal processes. Agora constantly keeps the client up to date and monitors global risks and investment opportunities relevant to the client.

The Outcome

  • The client signs three new government contracts during the first half-year period after the Agora kickoff

  • Agora organizes roundtables in Southeast Europe & Middle East to position the client at highest level

  • Agora develops a positioning strategy for the client-advised governments in Germany, France and the EU. This leads to an enlargement of the client’s mandates and a close strategic cooperation with Agora

  • Agora continues to advise the client during the implementation of action recommendations and with global risk monitoring

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