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Agora Hintergrund

The Challenge

An internationally active re-insurance company strengthens its business focus in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region. The client requires both a diligent geopolitical risk analysis of the region as a whole and specific insurance objects, including a power plant and a barrage project. Agora Strategy is mandated to conduct a comprehensive risk analysis and identify most relevant political and societal stakeholders.

The Agora Approach

Based on its strong global network of senior advisors and fellows, Agora Strategy conducts a thorough analysis of the geopolitical situation in the MENA region. The reports include a detailed assessment of the political situation, government stability, investment climate, legal certainty, country-specific key issues and internal processes. Furthermore, Agora Strategy provides a comprehensive outlook and concrete action recommendations to the client. In addition, Agora Strategy flies in two high-level Agora experts from the MENA region for a risk assessment workshop and board briefing of the client. Finally, Agora Strategy continues to monitor the geopolitical situation in the region for the client on an ongoing basis.

Strategic engagement and political positioning

The Outcome

  • Following the geopolitical recommendations by Agora Strategy, the client insures three out of four potential objects in the MENA region


  • All investment decisions are taken by the client within a two-week period after the Agora board briefing

  • Agora Strategy continues to monitor geopolitical risks for the client. This includes risk reports on a regular basis and client-specific briefings.

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