Agora Strategy draws from a network of global experts to provide companies, governments, and international organizations with risk analyses and political advisory.

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Our Value Proposition

Doing business in foreign markets requires an equally thorough understanding of both political circumstances and economic conditions. This is especially true in the face of growing volatility in an uncertain era characterized by a fragmented liberal international order and increasingly interconnected economies. As a strategic political consultancy, Agora Strategy provides companies, governments, and international organizations with global business intelligence, risk analyses, geopolitical advisory, and corporate diplomacy.

The Agora Strategy Institute serves as our internal think tank unit, supporting our activities with targeted analyses. The Institute provides political risk and opportunity assessments for business and investment decisions worldwide. Agora Strategy draws on a unique global network of high-ranking decision-makers and diplomatic, military, and security policy experts, as well as strong political and economic expertise in the target markets.


Country Reports, Monitoring & Scenario Analysis

We advise clients on strategic policy matters. Based on our strong country and thematic expertise, we develop innovative insights and recommendations. We assess global dynamics for our clients and conduct strategic scenario analyses.

Geopolitical Investment Risk Mitigation

We help investors and risk managers understand the impact of geopolitics on market developments. We analyze market-moving political occurrences, assess the impact of political uncertainty on economic parameters, and profile country risks.

Political Due Diligence for Market Entries and M&A

We provide companies, private equity firms, and financial service providers with analyses and forecasts of (geo)political risks and opportunities. We analyze the impact of political and regulatory circumstances on market attractiveness and assess market-moving political events.

Investigative Analytics & Network Analysis

We provide private corporations and international organizations with a holistic business intelligence offering, ranging from industry risk reports and competitor analyses to forensic background checks and stakeholder network analyses.

Strategic Engagement and Political Positioning

We develop political positioning strategies for companies, international organizations, and governments. Through our high-ranking global network of Senior Advisors, we facilitate introductions to relevant political and business stakeholders and public procurement bodies.

Crisis Management and hands-on operational support

We help clients understand the (geo)political context of emerging crises as well as the short- and long-term implications for their business model. We develop ad-hoc crisis management strategies, derive a set of concrete action recommendations, and assist clients with reputation management and alliance building.

Business Development in Complex Foreign Markets

We support SMEs and blue-chip companies in their market expansion plans. We analyze the political environment and related risks, identify relevant local stakeholders and networks, and assist in negotiations with governments, public authorities, and relevant partners.

Diplomatic Advisory for Governments and Public Clients

We develop foreign policy action and positioning strategies. We initiate dialogue formats and provide strategic guidance and mediation in complex negotiation situations. With an extraordinary team of highly skilled diplomatic experts, we help navigate bureaucracy and provide a deep understanding of political processes in other countries and cultures.

Our Selected Cases

Business Development in Complex Foreign Markets

For an internationally operating reinsurance company aiming to expand its business in the MENA region, Agora Strategy conducted a comprehensive geopolitical risk analysis of the region and a local stakeholder mapping.

Strategic Engagement and Political Positioning

Agora Strategy developed a market expansion strategy for an international financial consulting and auditing company seeking to expand its reach among public sector clients in the EU.