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Born from the Munich Security Conference, Agora Strategy, with its global network of experts, is a boutique consultancy with an in-house think tank unit specialized in geopolitical advisory, political risk analyses, and business diplomacy.


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Agora Strategy provides companies, governments, and international organizations with tailor-made risk analyses, actionable recommendations, and strategic political advisory. With targeted analyses of geopolitical developments and the global challenges arising from them, the internal think tank unit, the Agora Strategy Institute, supports Agora’s holistic advisory approach. Agora Strategy draws on strong political and economic expertise and a unique global network of high-ranking decision-makers and policy experts.

Successfully navigating an increasingly interconnected and complex world requires a thorough understanding of the geopolitical environment, political processes, and risks that originate from the political realm. As a strategic political consultancy, Agora Strategy is your partner in anticipating and managing political risks in a challenging political and economic environment, in enabling sustainable economic growth in international markets, and in forging new alliances. With our global network, we facilitate access to key decision-makers.

Agora Strategy was founded in 2015 by Ambassador (ret.) Wolfgang Ischinger and leading employees of the Munich Security Conference, as well as other partners from politics and business. The complex global developments since Agora Strategy’s founding clearly reflect the importance of a comprehensive understanding of the effects of geopolitical risks on actors at the interface of politics, business, and civil society, as well as the strategic handling of these risks for entrepreneurial success.

The Agora is the cradle of modern democracy. In ancient Greece, it served as a meeting place for the Polis. Inspired by the Greek model, the Agora Strategy Group logo consists of four separate areas that symbolically depict the Agora: business, politics, culture, and science. The four pillars of the Agora idealized in one of the fields stand for the core principles of the Greek Agora, which also shape our guiding principles: planning, communicating, networking, and acting.


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Agora Strategy Institute

With deep country-specific and thematic expertise, the Agora Strategy Institute, as an internal think tank, provides analyses and tailored research as a basis for concrete action recommendations. The Institute’s main goal is to translate current geopolitical developments into business implications.

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We are looking for curious, analytical thinkers with a deep understanding of both political processes and the special needs of industry, business, and finance. A keen interest in global politics and an entrepreneurial mindset are important to us. If you have the ambition to help grow our footprint with our clients’ interests in mind, we look forward to getting to know you.