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Services in the context of strategic political consultancy

We offer tailored geopolitical risk analysis, strategic political advisory and international crisis management.


Agora Strategy advises governments and governmental organizations on the most pressing and complex geopolitical issues.

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Geopolitical risk analysis

Our in-house think tank, the Agora Strategy Institute, monitors geopolitical challenges and conducts comprehensive scenario planning.

We analyze country risks for investment decisions and international business development.

We assess the consequences of market-moving political developments and policy changes for industries and companies and deliver concrete, actionable recommendations for our clients.

Strategic political advisory

We support our clients in positioning themselves in the political environment and bringing their expertise into the political debate in a fact-based and transparent manner. We promote the enhanced perception of our clients’ legitimate interests with a commitment to integrity.

We are specialized in:

  • Political positioning

  • Market entry strategies

  • Public Sector Business Development


We have a comprehensive understanding of the impact of geopolitical risks and advise governments and government organizations on geopolitical issues and foreign policy strategies.

With our global network, we support association procedures, promote political, economic and cultural cooperation between countries and with the EU and support the formation of strategic partnerships, including for economic investments.

We help our clients assess geopolitical risks and crises and the short, medium, and long-term impact on their business. We conduct scenario planning, develop corresponding crisis management strategies and support the formation of strategic alliances.

When a geopolitical crisis has an immediate impact on a business, we help our clients on an ad-hoc basis with concrete, actionable recommendations and offer worldwide on-site support with experts from our global network.


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